Site Analytics


Digital marketing without proper analytics is like driving blindfolded. Web Analytics data is the vital source of information, with which we create every marketing strategy. A detailed study of the Analytics data gives us clues on how the visitor is interacting with the User interface, presence of bottleneck etc.


Gaining insight from web analytics data requires both business understanding and technical implementation. We team up people with business understanding, media experience and technical know-how, to ensure that data is captured is accurate and useful in devising marketing strategies. We start by identifying the key signals which indicate the performance and effectiveness of our marketing campaigns to deliver value. If the analytics are already in place, we review and improve its based on our decades or experience. Then we work with the stakeholders to ensure the analytics tools are used correctly, using short briefs or support.

Why Analytics data is so important?

Analytics provides the sensory input in the form of data, which is needed to gauge the direction of the marketing campaign. Properly implementing and configuring analytics is a prerequisite to monitor and evaluate how effectively the marketing campaigns are being operated in the direction of business goals. In this digital era business website is becoming more and more important for all businesses.

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