Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is a very effective and popular marketing service offered by Diffrenz Business Solutions. We can help your brand leverage the popularity to social media among the increasingly online masses to create brand awareness for your brand and driving sales through our efficiently crafted sales funnel. We have a team of highly creative people who can make your brand popular through social media.


Our highly creative and motivated team at Diffrenz business solutions devise the best Social Media Marketing strategies to promote your brand on social media through creative info-graphics and social media posts. This lead to increase in brand awareness for your brand, which leads to more sales, revenue and growth.

Why Social Media Marketing?

One approach to drive more sales is improving the product or service using technology and research. Marketing is the other approach, which involves driving sales by improving the psychological experience of the product or service and also increasing the reach of the brand by building more awareness. It will have all the ingredients to influence the decision making of the consumers in line with the value offered. Social media is the right medium to reach out to young audience with a short attentions span. Our team at Diffrenz being a mix of youth and experience is perfectly suited to market your brand on social media.


  1. Boosts brand awareness

    Social media channels enable brands to share and syndicate their content. Your content will be not only shared but also get shared among users as well. Even if you don’t get viral, your content will easily reach more listeners. If a single user shares your content, a whole new chunk of audience will have the chance to find your brand name while scrolling through social media. 

  2. More Cost Effective 

    Creating social media profiles are absolutely free. You can have a business name registered and get your slice of presence in the ocean of social media platforms. Social media has the flexibility to pay less and earn more visits compared to other campaigns. Social media pages also have better functionalities to enable all the capabilities of a business page as well.

  3. Social Currency

    Social currency is a popular term that denotes the potential sources that arise with the presence of social media networks and communal interactions. You might be familiar with the concept of streamlining content through hashtags, mentioning, tags, etc. All the process leads to the accomplishment of social currency, which thereby increases the leads and referrals. 

  4. Easy Engagement with Customers

    Social media is essentially a communication tool. In the modern context, it might seem to be different. But it’s an essential tool to interact directly with customers. In a great benefit from a brand perspective, social media also makes personalized and private interactions possible. You can engage with the audience in real time and address their problems right away!

  5. Enhances SEO Ranking

    Social media makes your content more shareable and visible among the audience. The followers can easily find and share your content, which means you can easily win a good number of quality backlinks. But make sure you have a well optimized social media profile and share the content with proper mentions, tags, headlines, copy to create a strong impact on SEO.

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