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With the increase in internet penetration, economic activity is becoming more and more digital. We have seen the rise of eCommerce monopolies, which have fundamentally changed how people buy. Consumers trust and buy brands because brands have spent lots of time and effort into building a reputation. A reputed brand is less likely to fail a consumer. Shoppers currently have unprecedented access to information and choices online, which makes digital marketing vital to remain competitive. The analytics on these mobile and digital platforms give the brands a more in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and intentions.

There is no escaping of Digital Marketing for brands, small, medium or large.

For brands to remain competitive in the increasing more digital present and future, brands must harness the best digital platforms and systems to engage their customers, which are skilfully designed to convert them. Then they must utilize web analytics to understand consumers' intent and refine the digital platform, resulting in increased conversion.

Diffrenz excels in finding the customers with right buying intent, using digital technologies.

Searching for the right intent also know as demand

We believe that search engines, eCommerce websites and social media are the most powerful connectors between buying intention and brands. At Diffrenz, we specialize in
1. Strategy: Marketing, Communication, Channel and Creative strategies developed by professional with long industry experience, customized to your complex business needs.
2. Creatives: By very talented and successful people in their domain. A Creative should not just look good, but it should have right emotional appeal to be effective.
3. Operations: The long experience and talent, enables us to know precisely how to target, what channel to use when and how to do some of the most effective advertising campaigns possible.
4. Analytics: Our experience and marketing acumen enables us to analyse online traffic and fine tune your digital platform for optimum conversion.

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Who are we

We are experts in our craft: determined, creative, experienced and data-driven.

We are a team of most skilled and passionate professionals, who are specialists in our digital marketing niche. We design most concrete solutions for your most challenging and vital business needs.

In everything we do, we concentrate on data based strategies fortified with our long experience and wisdom.

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